Mike Praeger


Michael Praeger. Michael Praeger is cofounder of AvidXchange and has served as our Chief Executive Officer since April 2000, our President since December 2010, and as Chairman of our board of directors since April 2000. Mr. Praeger has spent the last 28 years managing technology and web services-related companies. Prior to establishing AvidXchange, Mr. Praeger co-founded PlanetResume.com, a technology career enhancement and recruiting site that successfully completed its merger with CareerShop.com in November 1999. Prior to that, Mr. Praeger co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of InfoLink Partners, a software company specializing in automating the tax billing and collection functions for municipalities along with corporate escheat recovery services. Mr. Praeger received a BSBA degree in Finance from Georgetown University. We believe Mr. Praeger is qualified to serve on our board of directors due to his extensive knowledge of our company, as well as his significant operational and strategic.

Chairman of the Board